Hi everyone welcome to my new web site . I am new to blogging but  I will be posting information  about may work, techniques and new pieces I have made. It will include experiments, failures and successes. I hope that by following me you will get both an insight into my work, the  efforts that go into making one piece and perhaps learn something which may be usful to you. The pictures show you my first attempt at making a hinged pendant using the magic hinge box, bought from http://www.metalclays.com.  This makes little hinges like the one below which do not require a pin and can be mounted on a track. The making of the hinge although a little time consuming is fairly simple and the hinges look good


The difficulty for me was incorporating  this into my design . There is lots of good videos on the site for how to make the hinge  but nothing on how to incorporate it into the design. However with a lot of fiddling around I managed to incorporate it into the design. I had made a hinge like the above on a track

hinge 4

Not perfect but nevertheless it was in.  Unfortunately the door would only open about 15 degrees ahhhhhhhhh! with a lot of filing and holding of breath I managed to get the door to open wide so a kind of success I guess. The kind man from the site has since told me that by reducing the width of the track will increase the opening of the door.hinge 2

Something to try next time. The balls in the picture at the end of the hinge are just decoration there is no pin.

Positives and negative of this devise

1. Easy to make hinges.

2. Hinges look nice

3. Hinges are quite small  (positive and negative)

4. Can be used with a pin if you want to just make hollow hinge pieces and these hollow hinge pieces are nice all be it small.

5. Difficult to work out how to install on track.

6. Potentially very good way to make hinges if I can work it out better more practice needed

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