About the Artist


JB Collections is a designer jewellery business situated in Rotorua, New Zealand. Owned by jewellery artist/designer  Jayne Baume, this boutique business hand crafts unique, beautiful, and contemporary jewellery in 99.9% pure silver, glass  for both men and women.  Designs can be tailored to suit individual tastes, creating bespoke pieces as individual as the person wearing them!

In addition to her jewellery ranges Jayne also produces  colourful home-ware collections in glass and ceramics

Jayne is an experienced, senior, art clay silver instructor and fused glass artist with a passion for teaching and sharing her knowledge. Workshops are run in Rotorua and around New Zealand.  Jayne will travel throughout the North Island to run workshops for groups and 1:1 tuition is available for people who would like a more personal learning experience

About the designer

Born in England on the Wirral Peninsula, Jayne moved to New Zealand with her kiwi husband and children in 2009.  She now lives in Rotorua in the Bay of Plenty.

Jayne spent many years creating wedding cakes and making beautiful flowers and models in icing.  When it came to her own wedding Jayne decided  to make her own cake, and also the jewellery for herself and her bridesmaids.  While browsing through jewellery magazines she came across Art Clay Silver.  Combining Jayne’s skills in cake decorating with her new passion for jewellery design Jayne was instantly hooked.  Jayne has gone on to not only design her own collections but also to become a qualified senior Art Clay Silver instructor. Jayne later took up working with glass and ceramics in an attempt to increase the variety of workshops available to the public. She fell in love with the vibrant colours and developed her skills in these media to produces  a fantastic range of  jewellery and home-wares

Stage 11

Stage 1

Firstly the clay is moulded and shaped into the design; this involves cutting stamping shaping and joining individual pieces together.
Stage 22

Stage 2

Once created, the piece is dried and it will set like plaster. It is then sanded with varying grades of sandpaper to produce a smooth finish before firing.
Stage 33

Stage 3

Thirdly the piece is then fired. This burns off the organic binder and sinters the silver particles leaving a 99.9% pure silver piece.
Stage 44

Stage 4

Lastly the piece is then polished to the desired level of shine with different grades of sandpaper and ready for sale.

About the Jewellery

Jayne designs, handcrafts and finishes every piece personally with pride to meet the highest standards.  Her jewellery is created with passion and each piece reflects this.  Due to its handmade nature no two pieces are exactly the same – each piece will have its own unique character. New pieces will often be made up for an order so pieces may vary slightly from the  pictures on the website.

Designs fall into 3 main categories

The Mens collections

Although most of JB collection jewellery targets the female market Jayne does produce jewellery for men. She enjoys the challenge of creating for men and enjoys the clean lines and geometry which is often sort. Please contact us to discuss any design ideas

The Ceramics and Glass collection

After becoming an established silver clay artist Jayne started to work with glass and ceramics in an attempt to increase the variety of workshops available to the public. She fell in love with the vibrant colours and developed her skills in these media to produces  a fantastic range of  jewellery and home-wares. She found the science of firing glass  intriguing and works with glass sheet, frits and powders  to create a variaty of work


The Silver collection

The JB silver collection contains the majority of Jayne’s work. Her designs are unique and arein a diverse range of styles. Inspired by geometrical shapes and clean lines, Jayne enjoys producing elegant, sleek, stylish, and contemporary pieces which are timeless. In contrast, due to silver clay’s unique properties it encourages the production of  wonderfully textured and  interesting organic jewellery which reflects the nature and the environment in which Jayne lives and works. Jayne has been fascinated with miniatures since a child and now specialises in creating one off, collectable 3D miniature sculptures which push the limits of her imagination. These sculptures are all designed to be worn as interesting pieces of wearable art

The silver collection also includes Jayne’s keepsake jewellery in which she can capture your loved ones handprints, footprints,pawprints, fingerprint or artwork in a unique personalised piece of keepsake jewellery.  All keepsake jewellery, with the exception of fingerprint jewellery, can be done remotely by mail or email.   Jayne can also turn company logos into a unique piece of corporate jewellery ideal for uniforms or loyal employees